The Raptor (Sandalwood)
The Raptor (Sandalwood)
The Raptor (Sandalwood)
The Raptor (Sandalwood)
The Raptor (Sandalwood)
The Raptor (Sandalwood)

The Raptor (Sandalwood)

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Also available in Zebrawood

Case Material(s) - Sandalwood, Steel

Band Material(s) - Sandalwood, Steel

Face Material(s) - Mineral Glass

Additional Material(s) - Steel (Crown, Buckle)

Case Diameter - 44mm

Band Width - 22mm

Band Length - 220mm

Gender - For Men

Sandalwood Sandalwood is an Evergreen tree native to India and its wood is known for being dense and expensive, ideal for carving. Sandalwood is often used in fragrances and even flavouring because of its warm, woody scent that can last for decades. Sandalwood is most commonly known for its oils. In traditional medicine, sandalwood oil has been used primarily as an antiseptic and astringent.

Japanese Quartz Movement - This type of watch movement has a battery, and a piece of crystal quartz. The battery sends an electrical signal through the quartz, which makes it vibrate. The vibrations are measured and converted into one pulse per second, this pulse makes the hands of the watch move consistently and extremely accurately. Due to there being so few parts to this movement, it is unlikely that any human intervention will be needed or that anything will need repairing.

3ATM Water Resistant - All of our Wooden watches are at least 3ATM water resistant. It is not recommended to have the watch fully submerged in water however rain water, washing hands, and general splashing will not be an issue.

Product and Packaging - All watches ordered from us will have the 'Wingspan Watches' Logo expertly carved into the face of the watch. Your watch will also arrive in a branded and high-quality wooden watch box that will contain a tool to easily change the size of your Wingspan Watch. 


365 Day Replacement Guarantee - If your Wingspan Watch stops working within the first year of your purchase, we will offer you a Free Replacement or a Full Refund. If your watch has quartz movement we ask you check if the battery needs replacing before contacting us for a refund.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee If you decide you do not like your Wingspan Watch within 30 days of receiving it we will offer you a full refund on your purchase once the watch is returned, to return a watch please contact us at: If you break the watch wthin 30 days of receiving it we will send out a replacement free of charge without you having to return the broken watch.