Why Wooden?


If you want to turn heads, our wooden watches are perfect for you. The distinct wooden design is the perfect conversation starter and receives more compliments than any regular watch.


Unlike a steel watch, our wood watches are lightweight, more flexible and provide maximum comfort compared to the cold and heavy feel of a steel watch. Most of our watches have a wooden back which prevents irritation commonly caused by steel backed watches.


Our range of Wooden Watches don't just have a simplistic yet eye-catching appearance. It is extremely simple to remove and add links to your watch to adjust the size, we provide the tool to do so in our box as well as a step by step guide to adjusting the size of your Wingspan Watch at no extra cost.


When looking to buy a wooden watch you know you are going to have a massive variety of shapes, colours, styles and sizes to choose from. We have a wooden watch for everyone!


Our wooden watches are a fraction of the cost of similar quality watches. We provide the same quality of watches that any other wooden watch store can provide but for an extremely modest price. As for metal watches, everybody knows how overpriced they are!