How to Adjust your Watch

How to remove and add links on your Wingspan Watch

1. Line the link removing tool up with one of the holes on the side of the link you wish to remove. (Tool included with purchase)

2. Wind the tool to start pushing out a little steel rod. One end of the steel rod will always be thicker or have grooves to prevent it falling out, it is vital that you push the rod out so this part emerges from the watch first. Below is an example of what to look out for however not all of our steel rods look the same, if you push the smooth end of the rod out first simply push it back in and out the other way. Once you have used the tool to push out the steel rod a couple of millimetres you can unwind the tool and use your fingers or pliers to pull out the rod fully. 

3. Once the steel Rod is removed the links will slide apart. Now repeat this process 1 or 2 links away from where you have already taken the watch apart. This will leave you with 1 or 2 links spare as shown in the picture below. Simply slide the two unattached ends of the watch together and push the steel rod back in the same way it came out.

4. Finally, Use the tool to push in the last bit of the steel rod (Jagged or Thick end) and put your extra links and steel rods in your Wingspan Watch box to keep as spares!

If you have any questions regarding removing links or anything else contact us by email at