About us

At Wingspan Watches we look to provide a unique and different type of online watch shop. We noticed that the competition for Wood Watches were massively overpriced with retailers selling similar watches for two to three times the price of our wooden watches. Other retailers selling cheaper wood watches lack the quality of the Premium Wooden Watches we promise here at Wingspan Watches. Based in the UK, our watch shop consists of a range of durable high-quality yet affordable Wood Watches.

All of the watches here a Wingspan Watches are manufactured using various types of wood to create different aesthetics and provide a wide range of styles. The type of wood each watch is made from will be specified in its description along with some information about the wood itself so you will have a detailed knowledge of exactly what your wood watch is made from when it arrives at your door. Some of our watches will contain other materials like small bits of stainless steel for the Buckle and Crown or leather for the band. All materials included in any wood watch we sell will be included in the product description.

With many different styles, colours and sizes we are passionate about making sure every visitor on our store will be able to find a wooden watch perfect for them and their needs, whether it's a smart and classy wooden watch to compliment your suit and smart attire or a more distinctive and prominent, eye-catching design to turn heads, an ideal conversation starter. Unlike other Jewellery and Apparel stores, we are confident that we can present our watches at the best possible price for the level of quality we provide, hence why we offer a money back guarantee on every single watch on this store as we are positive you will be more than content with your purchase and hopeful that you will consider returning to Wingspan Watches in the future. Because of our incredibly fairly priced watches, we do not make the massive profits per purchase that many other watch retailers do due to them advertising their watches at such inflated prices considering the level of quality they offer. We instead have decided to go down the route of offering great quality watches at an affordable price to entice you and all of our customers to return to our watch store and make future purchases because you are so happy with the watches and service we offer. We believe this is the best and correct way to run any watch store despite it seemingly becoming more and more rare in recent times.

We always ensure that our customer service is second to none and that all queries and complaints will result in us doing our best to satisfy you as the customer and resolve any issues. We guarantee that you will never be left without your product or money back once you have placed your order. We know how frustrating it is waiting for a response and not knowing what is going on which is why we always aim to respond to any emails within 1 working day. We also respond to all messages on our Facebook and Instagram pages which can be found near the bottom of our website.


Do you have a question for us? Email us at: info@wingspanwatches.com